Sephiroth versus Darth Vader

Two of the coolest bad guys ever.One of the coolest bad guys ever and the main villain of Final Fantasy VII, Sephiroth has a vast array of powers, including an ability identified as the Supernova. He wields a massive sword and is one of the most fabulous villains of all time. Darth Vader killed the Incredible Hulk on this very page. Also one of the coolest villains of all time, Vader is a master of that mystical entity known as the Force.

Round One:
Sephiroth has gone off the deep end for reasons presented in FFVII. Vader senses a disturbance in the Force and proceeds to confront the one-winged angel. The two meet on a cliffside, where Sephiroth has just destroyed a village to show off how evil he is. Vader is unimpressed that such a great power only destroys one village at a time. Still, Vader does find his talent impressive, and says so, offering him a chance to join with Darth and overthrow the Emperor. Sephiroth pauses, looks Vader up and down, laughs, and begins to fly away. Vader is angered at such impetuousness, and draws his lightsaber.

“If only you knew the power of the Dark Side…”

Sephiroth replies with a chuckle as he turns to face Vader. He draws the sword that is easily as big as he is and offers Vader a chance to tempt his fate. Round One goes to Sephiroth, who wins the battle of overcompensation with a sword that would make Freud wet himself.

Round Two:
Vader calmly surveys the situation, then enters into a duel with Sephiroth, figuring that his lightsaber will easily cut through Sephiroth’s sword. Much to Vader’s surprise, it does not (mainly because of the sheer coolness factor that Sephiroth possesses…looks like Vader has met his match). In fact, Sephiroth proves himself a superior swordsman, nearly killing Vader in a couple master strokes. Not wanting to take his chances, Darth puts all of his concentration into a master stroke with the Force. Sephiroth is telekinetically lifted up and thrown over the clliffside, slammed into the ground with a force that could turn a star cruiser into a pancake. Round Two goes to Vader.

Round Three:
In this fight, Vader has actually come across a foe who outmatches him as far as style and villainy goes. Thus, sensing that such style is often the deciding factor in my fights, Vader looks over the cliff to make sure that Sephiroth is dead. The dust clears, and there’s no body whatsoever. Vader pauses for a moment, puzzled, and is brought out of his thoughts by a tap on his shoulder. He turns around and comes face to face with Sephiroth. Before he can even react, Sephiroth slices off his arm, rendering him all but defenseless and in a great deal of pain. Sephiroth then finishes the battle with his Supernova attack (mentioned earlier), swelling the sun to such a heat that it actually touches the surface of the planet for a split second, leaving Vader as nothing but a bit of charred bone and melted cybernetics. Sephiroth pockets Vader’s light saber, wondering if there’s a movie franchise to be made here. Round Three and the match goes to Sephiroth.

One thought on “Sephiroth versus Darth Vader

  1. Nice fight, I like Sephiroth more than Darth Vader, so I completely agree with the outcome of the fight.

    However I think that the light saber should break sephiroth’s blade.

    Great job!


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