Glow and Gloss

A pair of punk kids with more going on than you'd think.Initially, Glow and Gloss probably come off as a pair of cyber bimbos. They’re definitely spacey and apparently stupid, but this is in fact only a facade. The pair have found that they seem to make more friends when they stay with the in crowd, and try their best to keep up on all of the latest styles. They are actually a pair of intelligent girls, but refuse to show that until they absolutely have to.

Gloss and Glow dress to look like twins, so as to garner the attraction of any potential outputs out on the street. They dress in similar clothing, and have more than once been offered money to do a menage a trois with some corp exec. The result of such offers has always wound up with the exec left drunk and lonely for the night, with Glow having snagged his credit card numbers.

Glow and Gloss make sure to try and never be referred to by their real names, Annemarie and Bernadette Picardy. Even their teachers refer to them as Glow and Gloss. They’re each 21 years old, born less than a year apart, with Gloss being slightly older. The two grew up in a rather typical family environment in a corporate arcology, seeing their parents all of one hour a day and having plenty of time for mischief. When they began going to school, they found the value of friendship and how even false friends could substitute perfectly for their lack of any sort of parental figure. So they became conformists, utilizing every fashion and style that they came across. Glow proved to be the more social of the two, using the extra hour or so that Gloss spent breezing through her homework to work contacts and explore some of the wondrous elements of technology, such as VR and designer drugs.

The girls breezed through their high school years. Showing the utmost pride, their parents substituted their attendance at their high school graduation with 10,000 Euro a piece and whisked them off to a small private school, Benton University, in Northern California. What their parents didn’t expect was that the newly formed university was incredibly lax on the girls’ personal habits, working more to keep up a nice appearance so that rich corporate parents would continue unloading their kids there. And, of all things, Benton was only a twenty minute drive away from Night City.

Their first foray into Night City ended up being the first and last time they left campus alone. They wound up being held up by a bunch of Inquisitors who didn’t like the look of their brand new TechHair. Glow, unused to people getting uppity with her, tried to stop them, but got slashed up pretty badly by a monoknife. Just as the gangers were having fun, a young man only a couple years older than them strode into the alley and calmly told them to get lost. The gang broke and ran.

Glow was patched up and the girls were returned safely to their school by a street doctor known as St. Crispin. Since then the pair have taken Crispin up as a sort of idol of theirs, each of the sisters trying to emulate the bit about him they like most. Glow loves the fact that his name is so recognized on the streets, and has toyed with the idea of making a name for herself on the black market, while Gloss has shown a bit more of an interest in her studies, hoping to someday match Crispin’s medical talents (and the little pharamaceutical equipment she’s found makes her pretty popular around campus as well). Of course, they aren’t going after these goals too seriously; they’ve still got boys and booze to think about as well.

Glow and Gloss
Glow is a fixer; Gloss is a medic.
Note: These two have generally the same stats. Where they differ, Gloss’s are listed in parenthesis.

INT 4 (8), REF 6, COOL 7 (5), TECH 6
ATTR 8, LUCK 6, MA 6, BODY 5
EMP 5, Run 18, Leap 4.25, Lift 200
Save 5, BTM -1

Glow: Streetdeal +3, Aware/Notice +2, Forgery +6, Brawling +1, Pick Lock +4, Pick Pocket +5, Initimidate +1, Persuasion +6, Personal Grooming +2, Wardrobe & Style +2, Swimming +2, Oratory +1, Human Perception +4, Seduction +5, Social +4, Perform +2, Education +3, Gamble +4, Athletics +2, Dance +3, Driving +1, Motorcycle +1, Electric Security +2, Pharmaceuticals +1
Gloss: Medical Tech +5, Aware/Notice +3, Basic Tech +3, Diagnose +2, Education +4, Cryotank Operation +1, Library Search +3, Pharmaceuticals +4, Zoology +2, Human Perception +3, Personal Grooming +2, Wardrobe & Style +2, Streetwise +2, Seduction +5, Persuasion +5, Chemistry +2, Mathematics +4, Dance +2, Driving +1, Motorcycle +1, Electronics +3

Glow and Gloss keep up on the latest fashions in cyberware and will go with the crowd as long as the changes aren’t too noticable and permanent. Currently they both have pink TechHair and matching light tattoos (hearts with a bullet in them).

The girls rarely leave the pampered but dull life of their private university without the escort of some very attractive men, and thus are not equipped for any sort of combat. They usually steal a car and have a joyous night of drinking, drugs, and sex, and then return to their school hung over. They dress in the latest fashions, except in school where they are forced to wear their school uniforms.

Initiative +6

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