Kintaro Murasame

Warrior: man of Nick Culver

Kintaro Murasame is somewhat of a warrior philosopher. One of the few exchange students at the school, he was raised in a distant land that is mostly cut off from the land in which the Academy resides. His highly repressive culture places high value on precision of action, as well as accuracy, though not as much on swiftness of action. A swift action is not a proper action, you see.

Kintaro is the son of a high-ranking bureaucrat from that land, a tax collector who wished his son to have a rich and varied life experience before he settled down, so that Kintaro would know what he was settling down to. As such, he sent Kintaro to Sir Gutain’s Academy for the Alternatively Talented, of high repute even in that distant land.

Kintaro himself has been a model student, learning much as his father intended him to. He does not excel beyond all of his class in any one area, but has studied a highly varied curriculum, learning little pieces of knowledge adding up to a bigger picture. He is capable in combat, but does not exceed in those arts. He knows a great deal about the arts of deception, but again, is not the master of those skills. He knows how to survive in the wilderness, but not in comfort.

Kintaro is a cautious man, willing to risk his life, but not unnecessarily. He studies each and every situation, plans his actions accordingly, evaluates his plans, and only then acts. His speech is reserved, like his actions, careful and deliberate. Unfortunately, his cautious nature has proved to be his social downfall. In recent months, Kintaro has come under the romantic spell of a fellow classmate he has a lot of contact with, named Cello Leafstep. She is a direct person, with little tolerance for the careful social dance that Kintaro would prefer. Perhaps that’s why he’s drawn to her…

This would normally be healthy and good behavior. However, Kintaro is at a threefold disadvantage. First of all, he’s incredibly repressed, trying very much to think every act through to it’s logical completion before commencing on it. Second, graduation is looming in the immediate future for him and Cello. Kintaro knows he must choose whether or not to confess his feelings and follow up on them or to repress them and risk heart break and regret. This is quite a paradigm shift for Kintaro and he’s contemplating it heavily. Finally, it appears that there are those more bold than he. Willow Mayfield, a fellow student, has been leaving bouquets tacked to Cello’s door with his arrows, along with notes. Willow seems unaware of Kintaro’s interest in the matter, and so far Cello seems oblivious to the both of them.

Kintaro Murasame
Occupation: Rogue Spy/Student
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 159 lbs.
Body: 7
Mind: 6
Soul: 7
Health Points: 70
Energy Points: 65
ACV/DCV: 7/5
Attributes: Highly Skilled 3, Art of Distraction 2, Speed 2, Kensei (Judge Opponent, Lightning Draw, Precise Stroke) 3, Personal Gear (Intrusion Tools, Ninja-to (short sword), Throwing Knives, Light Leather Armor, Travel Gear) 1, Extra Attacks 1
Defects: Easily Distracted (over cautious) 2, Not so Strong 1, Significant Other (Cello Leafstep) 1, Nemesis (Romantic Rival, Willow Mayfield-also interested in Cello) 1
Skills: Acrobatics (Jumps) 1, Burglary (B&E) 1, Disguise (Costumes) 1, Linguistics (Eastern) 1, Military Arts (Tactics) 1, Performing Arts (Role Adoption) 2, Sleight of Hand (Pick Pocket) 1, Stealth (Silent Movement) 2, Swimming (Diving) 1, Poisons (Natural) 1, Wilderness Survival (Forest) 1, Wilderness Tracking (Forest) 1, Thrown Weapon (Knife) 1, Range Defense (Personal) 1


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