The Registered Companion

Inara, the archetypal registered companion from the series.There’s an old joke saying that the difference between pornography and art is a government grant. Some folk seem to have taken that saying to heart, and the result is the registered companion.

Companions are recruited by an organization known as The Guild as young as the age of 12. The Guild operates on the Core Worlds and train young ladies and gentlemen in a wide variety of skills, ranging from posture and speaking to history and culture to social activities, such as dancing and fencing. Companions tend to be very well-spoken and graceful, and at times it becomes easy to forget that they are essentially high class prostitutes.

Although some may consider them fancy whores, the role of the companion cannot truly be compared to the prostitutes of Earth That Was. Many of their traditions come from the Japanese geishas and the Italian courtesans of bygone eras, but even those groups did not have the high standing that companions have. Companions can be male or female, and they get to choose their clients from a pool of applicants, be they of the same or opposite gender. They provide a number of services beyond sex, including massages, meals, and advice. They are often paid to attend social events such as balls and parties, where their grace serves them best. In addition to being able to select their clients, companions themselves are regarded very highly in society. They are allowed to have indentured servants of their own and hold a great deal of power on their own in the core worlds. Clients who mistreat a companion will often have troubles with Alliance authorities. Such clients also earn a black mark with the Guild, meaning that no companion will service that person again.

Companions operate almost exclusively in the Core Worlds. They are extremely rare in the Border Worlds and essentially nonexistent in the Rim Planets. Many people outside of the wealthiest satellites have never seen a legitimate companion, although there is the occasional case of someone who has left the guild going deeper into the black than usual.

Attribute Point Cost: 6
Skill Point Cost: 38

Assets: Allure (Minor), Friends in High Places (Minor), Highly Educated (Minor)
Complications: None
Skills: Artistry d6, Influence d6/Seduction d10/Persuasion d10, Knowledge d6, Perception d6, Performance d6

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