The Dark Knight: Mack the Knife

Click here to download the video.

Click here to download the video.

One of my favorite songs of all time is “Mack the Knife,” which Kevin Spacey was nice enough to sing when he was pretending to be Bobby Darin in Beyond the Sea. I originally tried putting that rendition of the song to the Batman Beyond movie Return of the Joker, but I couldn’t seem to get the music and animation to mesh. As it turns out, it works much better with the dirtier-looking and downright scary Joker portrayed by Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight. So viola: “Mack the Knife” joins The Dark Knight in a video that might not be everyone’s taste, but which I am overall quite proud of.

Okay, it’s not 100% from The Dark Knight; only about 99%. The very last laugh comes from Mark Hammill’s Joker from Batman: the Animated Series, because I love Mark Hamill’s Joker even more than Heath Ledger’s.

Fun fact: the guy that the Joker is threatening with a knife in the image above is Patrick Leahy, a big Batman fan who got The Dark Knight screened in Vermont before its premier. And while his Internet censorship bill he proposed recently has me wanting to imitate the Joker a bit, he seems like a pretty swell guy overall. Click on the Joker threatening to knife my favorite senator to download the video.


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