The power of ANGST!Outwardly, C-Squared is a confident, casual person. She likes to attend parties and night clubs, gambles like there’s no tomorrow, and does her best to just fit into a crowd. In general, C-Squared will adapt her outward persona to fit those around her. Inwardly, C-Squared is a very bitter, conflicted woman whose work as a freelancer has taken her toll. She has learned long ago that fighting the good fight doesn’t work, but still feels terrible about herself because she works as a mercenary, often murdering people who she could call friends for no reason.

C-Squared does her best to avoid looking significantly different in public. She has intentionally stayed away from extremely obvious cyberware, and never wears her armor in public if she can help it. She has learned that things tend to get difficult if one stands out, so she dresses in the way that popular fashion dictates and even dyed her naturally red hair brown so as to avoid unnecessary confrontations.

Originally named Jennifer Bassette, C-Squared could have grown up perfectly happy, except for the fact that her corporate exec parents were murdered in a drive-by shooting one night while they were out for a movie. Jennifer, only 9 at the time, ended up homeless and alone in Night City. She had a very rough time of things, running across all of the filth and perverts that the city had to offer. She refuses to divulge much about her three years on the street, and may even have forced herself to forget most of it.
Jennifer eventually found a friend in a local nomad leader named Falkon. Falkon found her on the streets one day, the bottom half of her trousers torn away while she fished for food from a dumpster. Falkon took her into the nomad pack, where she became fast friends with Calvin Browning, a boy about her age who ended up serving as her closest friend and confidante.

C-Squared got her name when she turned 16 and began heading off on “jobs” with Falkon. As it turned out, Falkon’s pack saw themselves as freedom fighters of sorts, and would travel from city to city, vandalize corporate art and trash whatever property they could, and then ride off into the sunset. Jennifer, who had already shown off some of her athletic ability, managed to save Falkon when he threw his bike and ended up facing down the wrong end of a Rent-A-Cop’s gun barrel. C-Squared managed to throw Falkon aside and knock the cop unconscious, dodging a pair of shots that the cop fired in melee range.

Unfortunately, C-Squared’s freedom fights didn’t last. Falkon eventually got captured in an attack on a Biotechnia research facility, and she ended up leading a group into a corporate lock-up facility to save him. The excursion ended in failure, as she and her group were captured. C-Squared was given a deal: work for Biotechnica or lose Falkon. Hesitantly, she agreed to work for Biotechnica on their black ops. It was only three years later, when C-Squared had assisted in killing off much of her nomad pack as well as making life hell in the streets where she grew up that C-Squared discovered that Falkon had been killed. C-Squared tried leaving, but her employers had found the location of her pack and threatened an attack on Cal. Eventually, C-Squared was forced to serve out her contract before finally leaving.

Now 26, C-Squared stays with what’s left of her nomad pack, although they generally despise her for her work with Biotechnica, and it is only through Cal’s influence that she is allowed to stay. C-Squared makes a living operating as a freelance solo, working odd jobs for cash. She has apparently abandoned most of her ethics, and will take jobs that provide the most reward. Most of these jobs end up as corporate hits, although a few do end up as somewhat admirable causes.

C-Squared is a very jaded woman, who would like nothing more than to find a job that she can at least tolerate. Unfortunately, she has a criminal record from her time with Falkon and very little work experience, having spent most of her life living between meals. C-Squared might end up as an ally or enemy of the PCs, depending on what job she’s being paid to do. In general, Jennifer feels that she is a hopeless case, and has resigned herself to carrying out morally reprehensible acts until someone finally shoots her on one of her jobs.


INT 6, REF 10/8, TECH 7 COOL 8
ATTR 9, LUCK 7, MA 8, BODY 8
EMP 6, Run 24, Leap 6, Lift 320
Stun 8, BTM -3

Combat Sense +7, Aware/Notice +6, Handgun +4, Brawling +4, Melee +6, Weapon Tech +4, Rifle +3, Athletics +5, Submachinegun +6, Stealth +5, Personal Grooming +4, Wardrobe & Style +3, Interrogate +3, Streetwise +4, Human Peception +5, Seduction +4, Persuasion +3, Gamble +5, Hide/Evade +3, Shadow/Track +5, Drive +2, Motorcycle +3, Basic Tech +4, Demolitions +3, First Aid +3

C-Squared suits up in piecemeal metal gear armor, which covers her torse and parts of her arms and legs, leaving as much room around the joints as feasible. The armor is matte black and specially fitted to her form, allowing for maximum mobility considering its considerable bulk. She also keeps a pair of Sternmeyer 21s and a healthy amount of C4 on her person. Out of her work motif, C-Squared dresses casually, in bright neon colors and a lightly armored trench coat. She keeps only a pistol in her person for these situations, her Militech Arms Avenger. C-Squared stays at a nomad camp outside of Night City and keeps her possessions locked up in a Winnebego owned by her friend Cal. The few nomads stupid enough to try and steal from her ended up with broken faces and fingers that bent the wrong way.

Speedware, Smartgun Link, Chipware Socket
Digital Recorder, Toxin Binder

Initiative: +17, +15 in armor, +20/+18 with reflex boosts
Sternmeyer SMG 21: SMG; WA +1; Long Coat Concealability; 3d6 damage (11mm); 30 shots; 15 shots per round; VR; 200M range; +14 to hit
Militech Arms Avenger: P; WA 0 (gun isn’t smartlinked); Jacket Concealability; 2d6 damage (9mm); 10 shots; 2 shots per round; VR; 50M range; +14 to hit
Armor: Head 18, Arms/Torso 20, Legs 20; Trench Coat: Arms/Torso 14, Legs 7


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