Mute and amnesiac...what else could go wrong?by Nick Culver

Julius was found at the gates of Sir Gutain’s Academy for the Alternatively Talented at the apparent age of 12. Not only could he not talk, nor remember who he was, but he had no evidence of physical trauma, indicating that he had been born with his muteness. Even more unusual is the fact that no one in the village or bazaar that rings the Academy saw him approaching.

Julius was brought in to the school, nursed back to health, and given an education. After he regained his strength, Julius came to realize that the only way he’d succeed in this world, the only way he’d ever be more than a farmer or a shop-sweep who was looked at with scorn for his deformity was to strive past it, and do what these people at this school were telling him, go out and become a hero. Under the tutelage of Racel Woodworth, Julius became an accomplished swordsman. Upon reaching the age of 15, Racel gave him a sword of some repute that he found upon his journeys, the Atlas sword, forged in the graveyards of old, for quieting the spirits that lurked within.

Julius doesn’t know who he is. His name was given to him by Sir Gutain upon his adoption, as it were, into the Academy. Julius has his suspicions, however. Every few nights, Julius has nightmares, dreams of extravagant banquets, feasts beyond any that he can consciously remember, of great costume balls, of dancing, of wine, and of riches. At the windows of the great halls in which these festivities eternally take place are plague victims, their flesh pale and blotched, the last vestiges of life draining from them. They are mute themselves, their moans cut off by the glass between them, but Julius can see their words on their lips as they desperately beg for a last drink of water, or a crumb of food so that they can die in a little more comfort. As such, Julius thinks that he may have been implicated in some such horror of extravagance through complicity. At times he wonders if his amnesia and muteness are retribution for such a guilt. He has not told anyone at school this.

Occupation: Swordsman/Student
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 153 lbs.
Body: 6
Mind: 4
Soul: 6
Health Points: 90
Energy Points: 50
ACV/DCV: 6/4
Attributes: Combat Mastery 1, Damn Healthy! 3, Extra Attacks 1, Focused Damage: Sword 1, Kensei (Blind Fighting, Chanbara Master, Judge Opponent, Lightning Draw), Personal Gear (Plate Armor, Travel Gear, Atlas Sword, Writing Implements and Blank Book, Shield, Horse and Tack) 1, Item of Power (Atlas Sword: Weapon Attack 1, Affects Incorporeal, Melee, Muscle Powered, 15 Damage) 1, Appearance 2
Defects: Cannot Talk 2, Phobia (past) 1, Recurring Nightmares 1, Unique Defect: Amnesia 1
Skills: Acrobatics (Jumping) 1, Intimidation (Death Stare) 1, Riding (Horse) 1, Melee Attack (Swords) 1, Melee Defense (Swords) 1


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