The Elderstaff

Imbued with the power of elemental chaos itself, the Elderstaff is a powerful but unpredictable weapon.Aura strong abjuration, evocation, and transmutation; CL 20th
Slot none; Weight 5 lbs.

The druid Allaina Elderstar was an adventurer of great renown who became so powerful that she moved beyond the mortal plane, transforming into a part of nature itself. The Elderstaff is one of the few remnants of her mortal self. In life, Allaina used the staff as a weapon and walking stick. When she passed on, the staff became imbued with a portion of her power, rendering it a powerful but unpredictable magic item.

To understand the workings of the Elderstaff, one must understand the mindset of the druid Allaina Elderstar. Like most druids, Allaina believed in a sense of balance in nature. However, she felt that the balance was best seen in the wildest, overgrown parts of nature, where weeds grew thick around ancient trees and the land itself seemed to be an extension of chaos. Allaina emphasized the beauty of nature unbound, and believed that its wild and unpredictable nature was an asset, not a flaw. The Elderstaff is an extension of that belief, and taps into the primordial chaos that formed the natural world.

The Elderstaff functions as a +2 quarterstaff when used in combat, and also grants the user a +2 luck bonus to AC and Reflex saves. Whenever the wielder of the staff casts a spell that either deals energy damage or protects from a type of energy, the spell acts as though the caster were one level higher than he really is. These functions remain even if all the charges are drained from the staff.

The staff can also be harnessed to cast specific spells, but the user never knows exactly what the effect will be. To use the staff’s charged magic, the wielder must speak a command word, specify whether the spell needed is offensive or defensive, and select a target. The staff then calls forth a random burst of energy that expends one charge. To determine the effect, the wielder should roll on the table below, consulting the appropriate column for spell effect. All spells are cast at the caster level of the user plus one.

d% roll Offensive Spell Defensive Spell
1-10 Flaming Sphere Resist Energy
11-40 Call Lightning Protection from Energy
41-65 Flame Strike Freedom of Movement
66-90 Call Lightning Storm Stoneskin
91-100 Baleful Polymorph Wall of Fire (surrounding target)

The Elderstaff cannot be recharged through traditional means. Instead, it must be exposed directly to elemental fury – either doused in fire, struck by lightning, or the like. The staff is immune to energy damage, but has a cumulative 1% chance of exploding upon each recharge. If the staff is broken normally or during a recharge, it deals a total of 1d6 damage per charge to every character within a 30 foot radius (DC 19 Reflex save for half damage).

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