Goku versus Superman

Both their power levels are over 9,000.by Scottie Taylor

Hailing from the destroyed planet Vegeta, formerly known as Kakarotto, and the first super sayajin in over a thousand years, we have Goku, the most powerful being in the entire universe of Dragonball Z. This fight is based after the Frieza saga, so Goku is capable of transforming into a super sayajin and has just taken vengeance upon Frieza for destroying his home planet. Also hailing from a dead planet, we have Kal-El, the last son of Krypton. He is no stranger to this page, having met with a narrow defeat at the hands of the Tick earlier on.

Round One:
Now knowing these two, they’d never fight as they both defend the Earth from all sorts of extradimensional and outter/inner worldly threats. But for the sake of argument for the fight we’ll say that both Goku and Superman were found to illegal immigrants by the UN and since the world is overpopulated enough, the UN forces them into a battle to determine who is the better hero. The winner stays and is known throughout the universe as the powerhouse of the planet Earth and a god amongst men…the loser…deported into outer space.

Goku, being obviously upset at the UN’s actions in a moment of mental weakness sees Superman as not a person in the same situation but as the enemy in which he must destroy for his very survival. Skewed logic I admit but hey, not even Goku is perfect. Goku powers up his ki, the bright red aura of it appearing as flames around his body, the very power of it lifting up rocks and trees around him in a fantastic display of raw unbridled power. Supers steps back in a brief moment of shock but quickly regains his composure and leaps to the attack, busting a hit that could shatter Mars across Goku’s jaw, knocking him forceably back into the nearest building, totaly demolishing it. Superman, not knowing the sayajin toughness turns his back on the ruins of the building, speaking to himself of how it is a shame that such a noble warrior had to die in such a futile fight. Superman also fails to notice that the rubble is moving and Goku is standing and is looking extremely pissed off. Round One goes to Superman.

Round Two:
Goku finishes powering up his ki, and ends up turning into a super sayajin again with the sheer amount of pisstivity he’s feeling at these people right now. Superman, hearing the rubble shift, turns around only to see Goku with long blonde hair and a look of “you’re about to die mofo” written all across his face. Before Superman knows what hit him (it was Goku by the way) he finds himself looking at the other side of the building three blocks down and his chest very bloody and bruised up. The only sound he hears is the almost indistinct “kamehameha….” Round Two goes to Goku.

Round Three:
Superman regains his senses and charges back to action, his entire comic book series at stake, and the threat of being without a home driving his body beyond normal comprhension. Superman lands in front of a still very pissed off Goku. Goku deciding to finish this uses his Kaoken X 20 technique giving him a massive boost of energy and speed. He launches his attack against Superman, literally thousands of ki blasts pulverizing the helpless Superman from every possible angle imaginable. In a few seconds Superman is reduced to a small pile of bloody body parts. Round Three and the match go to Goku.


3 Responses to “Goku versus Superman”

  1. Adam Tohrst Says:

    That wouldn’t happen with most incarnations of Superman.

    What would be fair is to establish a timeline and universe for both characters, not just Goku.

    From the image supplied, you’re going with a Superman that is, for lack of a better term, immune to physical external harm. The only factors to weaken and potentially defeat him are Magic (Which Goku doesn’t have access to), Psychic powers (Which, as far as I recall, Goku doesn’t exactly have in an offensive capacity) and Kryptonite radiation.

    As none of the weaknesses were exposed and the fight took place on Earth with post-golden age superman powered enough to punch Goku through a building, then the greater stamina and durability of Superman coupled with equal flight, speed and energy weapons (Heat Vision, Freeze Breath/Goku’s plethora of Ki beams, bolts and blasts) should easily put Superman in the lead.

    I disagree with your conclusions on the outcome of this fight and can only assume that you are not a fan of Superman at all.
    I do count myself more of a fan of Superman than of Goku, but appreciate the heroics of both.

  2. you are wrong goku is the strongest

  3. no one can beat goku. He is legendary. Goku can beat superman
    in his first form.Superman can’t even touch goku!

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