Justice League: Kryptonite

Click here to download the video.

Click here to download the video.

This video combined Three Doors Down’s “Kryptonite” with Cartoon Network’s Justice League cartoon (first two seasons, before it became Justice League Unlimited). Unfortunately, because I didn’t have all the clips I needed, there is no actual kryptonite in the video. Ah well.

I also wound up putting the opening title card on a second time at the end instead of the usual ending title card, which I guess works out now that the Screamsheet is moving on over to WordPress and all.

You’ll have to download the video by clicking the image above, as this video again falls into YouTube’s frustratingly inconsistent policing policies. The song is available in many forms on YouTube, including in music videos, and the episodes featured here can be found in full over on YouTube. Someday, I’m sure somebody will explain to me the fine details of their policies. I just hope the explanation doesn’t involve blind lobotomized monkeys like I think it does.


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