Huul Noonglade

There's more in that head than people Nick Culver

Huul Noonglade is a young elf and part of the graduating class at Sir Gutain’s Academy for the Alternatively Talented. Unlike many of his peers, Huul is actually paying his tuition instead of relying on government funding or on the charity of the one of the various professors. Huul Noonglade is the fourth son of a high ranking elven noble. Seeing as he has almost no inheritance coming his way, Huul was sent to Sir Gutain’s school in hopes that he would excel and become a successful hero of the land. It was either that or the elven rangers, and Huul wished not to hobnob with the common elven troops.

When Huul came to the Academy, he was aggravatingly haughty, often to the point that he defied his instructors. After several years of teaching him humility, Huul is just aloof and judgmental, rather than entirely unbearable. Despite his rather standoffish and mean personality, Huul has come to the attention of several of the female students at the Academy, since he is reportedly the most available male on campus and rich. Huul knows this in a vague sort of way. Up until recently, this was just a fact that was to be expected (of course I’m considered quite and item. I’m…me). Unfortunately, he has yet to seriously consider sexuality, having the rather elven outlook on academia and dignity (i.e. lots of both, even at the expense of other things).

Most recently, Huul has received some particularly bad news. His impending graduation has been marred by a recent death in his family, a beloved uncle. Huul has regressed much in the progress of his personality, reverting to a much more detached and aloof self. He hides his grief, and his feelings in general now, trying to bear his grief with pride and dignity that he feels befitting of an elven noble.

Huul Noonglade
Occupation: Mage/Student
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 122 lbs
Body: 4
Mind: 7
Soul: 6
Health Points: 50
Energy Points: 75
ACV/DCV: 6/4
Attributes: Appearance 4, Highly Skilled 1, Energy Bonus 1, Organizational Ties 1 (Elven Royalty)
Special Attributes: Magic 2 (Hornet Bolt (Weapon Attack 2: Short Range, Homing, Accurate, 0 Damage), Reason (Mind Control 3, only to make frightened people calm), Detect Evil/Chaos (Sixth Sense 2, detect evil, detect chaos), Shield 2, Ethereal Jaunt (Astral Projection 1), Battle Insight (Combat Mastery 1))
Defects: Easily Distracted (not dealing with his emotions) 1, Marked 1, Girl Magnet (aside from the fact that he’s handsome, he’s widely known to be both available and rich) 1
Skills: Cultural Arts (history) 2, Law (elven) 2, Linguistics (elven, draconic) 2, Seduction (female) 1, Writing (academic) 2, Archery (bow) 1, Melee Defense (rod) 1, Performing Arts (Ceremony) 1
Gear: Spell Book, Esulin (Family Golden Battle Rod, enchanted so the gold won’t deform in battle), Fine Clothing, Writing Materials

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