Flynt Steele

The greatest thief of all time!by Nick Culver

Flynt Steele is the self-proclaimed greatest thief of all time. No matter what the task, he can do it. No matter what the woman, he can woo her. No matter what the defense, he can penetrate it. No matter what the treasure, he can steal it. No matter who you ask, they’ll say he’s wrong.

The truth is, Flynt isn’t a half bad pilferer. His only real problem is his infinite overconfidence. He is without compare, in his eyes, and any challenge to his ability will undoubtedly make him leap into action to prove that challenge wrong. He may leap in the wrong direction, and almost always too far, but that’s what his healing potions are for.

Flynt came upon Sir Gutain’s Academy by trying to break in, getting caught up in the hedge maze. After a while, Scyria Darkwater fished him out and made him clean out the stables for a week. Of course this was all part of Flynt’s master plan (according to him), and he soon penetrated the school as a mild mannered student. He would learn from the best and use their own knowledge to steal their treasures and their women out from under their own noses. It was a beautiful plan, really.

That was when Flynt was fifteen. In the three intervening years, he’s forgone (read: forgotten) this plan in favor of his dashingly adventurous (read: impulsive and poorly thought out) daily adventures.

Due to the fact that he tends to be at the center of many disasters on the campus, Marlene Elmore has issued him a supply of healing potions.

Flynt is a fun loving and adventurous soul, he’s got that much right. He’s pretty harmless (even if he is the greatest thief of all time), and views himself the Robin Hood figure enough that he’ll fight for the underdog as long as the underdog is right. His life is full of zany antics and trouble, often brought on himself. He might do alright for himself when he graduates, or he might just wind up in jail.

Flynt Steele
Occupation: Self Proclaimed Greatest Thief of All Time/Student
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 149 lbs.
Body: 7
Mind: 4
Soul: 6
Health Points: 55
Energy Points: 50
ACV/DCV: 6/4
Attributes: Highly Skilled 4, Appearance 2, Art of Distraction 3, Divine Relationship 2, Personal Gear 1 (Travel Gear, Dagger, Thief’s Tools, Light Mail Vest, Tilted Gambling Equipment (Marked Cards, Weighted Dice, etc), Acid Vials), Kensei 2 (Lightning Draw, Precise Stroke)
Special Attributes: Item of Power 2 (Healing Potions, Healing 2)
Defects: Not So Strong 1, Not so Tough 1, Easily Distracted (larceny, adventure, and magical items) 2
Skills: Acrobatics (Balance, Jumping) 2, Burglary (Breaking and Entering) 3, Disguise (Make Up) 1, Performing Arts (Con) 1, Riding (Horse) 1, Stealth (Silent Movement) 2, Urban Tracking (Underworld) 1, Swimming (Diving) 2, Sleight of Hand (Pickpocket) 2, Seduction (Female) 1, Melee Defense (Knife) 1, Ranged Defense (Personal) 1, Forgery (Documents) 1, Gaming (Shell Games) 2


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