Dantares Manfred

Sometimes a good heart overcomes a slow mind.by Nick Culver

Dantares Manfred is an ambitious centaur, aspiring to be a Knight with all his strong heart. He’s highly skilled in combat, having been taught at Sir Gutain’s Academy for the Alternatively Talented. He desperately wants to make something of himself, having grown up on legends of famous names in Knight history. The ultimate dream of Dantares Manfred is to become a legendary “Pegasus Knight” one of a mysterious order, only a few are rumored to exist at any time. The only problem that keeps Dantares from becoming a Knight is that he doesn’t have a mentor.

The combat instructor at the school, Racel Woodworth, claims that Dantares is not yet suited to be a Knight, no matter how gifted at combat he is. Racel says that Dantares has the potential, but has not proven himself in true combat. A Knight, according to Racel, must be one who climbs from the rest, not through the rest. Dantares has taken this to heart, and knows that once he proves his bravery in real battle, risking his life instead of simply risking bruises in practice.

As such, he very much looks forward to graduation. Dantares is a very gung ho person, and wishes to make himself the best he can be, Knight or no. He believes in heroism, bravery, and glory. However, he is painfully aware of his major weakness, that he’s not always the brightest in a crowd. In fact he’s often a little on the slow side. Dantares tends to get frustrated when he’s confronted with something he can’t figure out, and when surrounded by students such as these he often feels out of his league.

On a whole, though, Dantares is a jovial guy, and very popular among his class. He makes friends easily and is very loyal and protective of those friends. Dantares enjoys guttural entertainment, and often leads hunts and drinking matches at the school (with his impressive constitution, he rarely loses).

Dantares Manfred
Occupation: Cavalry/Student
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Height: 6’8″
Weight: 406 lbs
Body: 7
Mind: 3
Soul: 6
Health Points: 95
Energy Points: 45
ACV/DCV: 7/5
Attributes: Ground Speed 1, Damn Healthy! 3, Natural Weapons: Hooves (+5 kick damage) 1, Appearance 2, Aura of Command 2, Combat Mastery 2, Kensei (Judge Opponent, Precise Stroke) 2, Personal Gear 1 (lance, shield, plate mail, travel gear, short sword), Highly Skilled 2, Massive Damage 1
Defects: Awkward 1, Marked 2, Easily Distracted (becoming a full fledged Knight) 1, Attack Restriction (defeated foes) 2
Special Defects: Awkward Size 1
Skills: Sports (joust) 2, Military Sciences (tactics) 2, Intimidation (physical) 1, Cultural Arts (military history) 1, Navigation (wilderness) 1, Swimming (endurance) 1, Wilderness Survival (forest) 1, Archery (bows) 1, Melee Attack (lance) 1, Melee Defense (shield) 1, Range Defense (personal) 1


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