Cello Leafstep

The years just wear down on some people, and Cello is a prime example.by Nick Culver

Cello Leafstep is, like a great many of the Academy’s students, there on subsidy and charity. Cello is an elf, though she often seems human at times. She’s grown up fast, and tends to be a little more direct than most elves. Cello is strong willed, usually breaking through any obstacles through sheer willpower. Sometimes she comes off as a little cocky, which sometimes puts her at odds with other students, but for the most part her confidence is well deserved.

Cello has always been tough and gutsy. As a child, she was a tomboy and, while she softened a bit into her femininity during puberty, Cello’s still a tomboy at heart. It was during puberty that Cello found her next highly human trait, cynicism. She became taken with one of the (now former) professors at the Academy. However, as Professor Winkner rebuked Cello, he told her that it was merely hormones, the poisons of adolescence and adulthood that she was feeling. Cello took his words to heart.

Cello is quite bitter about life, and love, now. She doesn’t really believe good news, of any kind, and is constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. Her only real pleasures come from cutting people down, from shooting barbs into their egos, and larceny, the mischief giving her a little rush, all the while confirming her suspicions about the world.

Cello Leafstep
Occupation: Treasure Hunter/Student
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 119 lbs.
Body: 7
Mind: 5
Soul: 5
Health Points: 60
Energy Points: 50
ACV/DCV: 6/4
Attributes: Appearance 4, Art of Distraction 4, Highly Skilled 6, Sixth Sense (Valuables) 1, Heightened Awareness 1, Kensei (Katana Space, Lightning Draw) 2, Personal Gear 1 (Throwing Knives, Thief’s Tools, Dagger, Whip, Travel Kit)
Defects: Marked (tattoo and elf ears) 2, Easily Distracted: Mischief 1, Phobia: Happiness (cynical and bitter, often feels uncomfortable with good news, distrusts optimism) 1, Not so Strong 1
Skills: Acrobatics (Balance) 2, Burglary (B&E) 2, Forgery (Documents) 1, Gaming (Card Sharking) 3, Linguistics (Elven) 1, Performing Arts (Deception, Singing) 2, Riding (Horse) 1, Seduction (Male) 2, Sleight of Hand (Stage Magic) 2, Stealth (Concealment) 2, Urban Tracking (Underworld) 2, Melee Defense (Knife) 1, Range Defense (Personal) 1, Thrown Weapon (Knife) 1, Melee Attack (Knife, Whip) 1


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