Browning Cal

Let's hit the streets and look for some trouble.Browning Cal is a quiet person. He used to be more outgoing, but like many people in the Night City area, he’s had his fair share of cybernetics wrecking his brain. He still enjoys a good time with his pack, but clams up quite a bit when he’s confronted with strangers. Oddly, he actually seems to have a harder time opening up to the people he gets to like. When presented with a problem, Cal tends to think in terms of major overkill. He prefers using his assault rifle to solve problems, and calling upon his pack when the problem gets too big for one gun to handle. It’s that kind of behavior that has given nomads in general a bad name over the years.

A person taking a look at Browning Cal for the first time probably sees a baby-faced young man who is trying too hard to look mean and surly. Cal tends to be better dressed and cleaner than the rest of his pack, but he still has a roughness to him that can only be found in a group of nomads. People seeing this baby-faced kid in action are usually taken off guard by his skill behind a wheel. If they see Cal as an easy target and want to pick a fight, they usually don’t get a chance to form a second impression. Cal likes to shoot first, shoot second, shoot third, and then go to the nearest strip club and ask questions to someone who will answer him for 100 Euro an hour.

Calvin Browning was part of a gang family in Night City. His family lasted until he was about 8 years old, when they were gunned down in a police raid. Cal himself was placed with his family’s next of kin, which happened to be a family living in a nomad pack. The courts didn’t really care about the environment the kid ended up in — they just wanted the paperwork finished. So Cal ended up spending his formative years among a rowdy pack of nomads.

For quite some time, it was painfully obvious to Cal that he didn’t fit into the pack. He was always the quiet kid who was still learning to drive. He was the one who didn’t get any of the others nomads’ jokes. The only time he was useful to other nomads was when one of them would bring him along on a blind date to impress the would-be input that the guy was sensitive enough to be taking care of his younger, slightly retarded brother.

The perception of Cal changed the day he got his nickname. The pack was raided by a group of rival nomads, and the battle was going poorly. Cal managed to turn the tide by hijacking a truck that had a vehicle-mounted Browning caliber machinegun on it. Cal let loose with the gun and cut down most of the enemy, turning what was looking like a last stand into an absolute rout for Cal’s side. Since then, he has been known as Browning Cal, and has earned the respect of his fellow nomads.

Cal spends most of his time with his pack. He does venture into the city every once in a while, usually looking for a party or looking for some trouble with a few of his fellow nomads. Once one gets past Cal’s chilly exterior, it’s apparent that he has picked up several nomad ways. Cal is generally more in control than his fellows, and won’t go looking for a fight – especially not without his bike and assault rifle. Once he gets into a conflict, though, there’s no shaking Cal off. He’ll go at his opponent full force until he’s taken down. Cal can serve as an ally or a possible one-time antagonist to PCs who encounter him during one of his rowdy nights. If the PCs befriend him, they’ll find that there are few people as loyal as Browning Cal. If they make an enemy of him, they’ll probably wake up one night surrounded by nomads and strapped to a large amount of C4.

Browning Cal

INT 6, REF 9, TECH 7, COOL 8
ATTR 7, LUCK 7, MA 9, BODY 9
EMP 5, Run 27, Leap 6.75, Lift 360
Save 9, BTM -3

Neural Processor, Chipware Socket, Vehicle Link
Skinweave, Nanosurgeons

Family +6, Athletics +3, Awareness/Notice +4, Basic Tech +3, Brawling +4, Drive +6, Endurance +5, First Aid +3, Handgun +1, Melee +2, Motorcycle +6, Rifle +5, Social +1, Swimming +2, Weaponsmith +2, Wilderness Survival +2

Cal has traveled with his pack for most of his life, and uses the resources from his family’s Winnebago to get what he needs for specialized situations. He has a Kaneda Motors bike, which he keeps in perfect shape if he can help it. When he’s out in the wild, he doesn’t mess around and keeps an FN-RAL heavy assault rifle strapped to his bike. In Night City, he travels lighter, bringing with him a Federated Arms X-9mm, which is mostly for show. Cal doesn’t seem to be comfortable with weapons that can’t be strapped to a vehicle and used to take on a lightly armored tank. Cal wears a light armor jacket and a helmet when he rides, but relies on his skinweave for other armor.

Initiative +9
Armor: Head 22, Arms 19, Torso 19, Legs 12
Attacks: FN-RAL Heavy Assault Rifle (Type RIF, WA -1, Con. N, Dmg. 6d6+2 (7.62), #Shots 30, ROF 30, Rel. VR, Range 400m) +10
Federated Arms X-9mm (Type P, WA 0, Con. J, Dmg. 2d6+1 (9mm), #Shots 12, ROF 2, Rel. ST, Range 50m)


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