The Reaver

Whatever they are, they don't qualify as human anymore.NOTE: The Reaver is an NPC archetype only. It is not intended for player characters.

For the past ten years, Reavers have terrorized travelers in the ‘Verse. They showed up like ghosts from space, with no explanation for their arrival or reason for the crimes they commit. At one time, they seemed to have been normal men, but they have long since crossed the line of humanity. They are not men, and they are not animals. They are monsters. They are Reavers.

Reavers travel in groups, flying around in boats and skiffs that have often been mutilated, repainted, and marked with the blood and corpses of their victims. They can be male or female, although gender boundaries become nonexistant once one becomes a Reaver. Reavers cut up their own faces and mutilate their own bodies. the scars they give themselves are not for ceremonial or religious purposes; they are there because Reavers simply love pain. They attack in raiding parties, although they seem to have no language or form of communication of their own. They don’t just kill, either; they prefer to keep their victims alive as long as possible. Reavers will eat their victims’ flesh, rape them, and tear their skin off, in no particular order. Whatever mind they have left tells them nothing but how to cause pain.

On occasion, Reavers will leave survivors to one of their raids. They force these survivors to watch as they slaughter that person’s companions. The trauma of such sights often causes one’s mind to snap. Most people believe that Reavers leave no one alive. That is true, to an extent: those who witness a Reaver in action tend to eventually begin cutting their faces and ultimately become Reavers themselves.

The origin of these monsters is a matter of much debate. The Alliance officially denies their existence, although an increasing amount of proof that they are out there makes plausible deniability an increasingly difficult task. Spiritual types tend to believe that there is something human left inside them; that they are normal men who lost their minds and can be brought back. Recent evidence broadcast throughout the ‘Verse suggests that Reavers are the result of an experiment gone wrong on the dead planet Miranda. The air on Miranda was specially treated with chemicals designed to weed out aggressiveness in the human mind and make people better. However, the experiment backfired. Folk did become less aggressive, but also lost all motivation to act. They just laid down and died. About 30,000 people on this planet had an opposite reaction and became what are now known as Reavers. Since then, new Reavers have been created when witnesses of their crimes survive and take on those monstrous ways themselves.

Attribute Point Cost: 4
Skill Point Cost: 36

Assets: Tough as Nails (Major), Fightin’ Type (Major)
Complications: Sadistic (Major)
Skills: Discipline d6, Guns d6/Pistol d8, Melee Weapon Combat d6/Knives d10/Club d8, Unarmed Combat d6/Brawling d10

Special: As noted on page 187 of the Serenity rule book, Reavers do not feel pain and thus ignore the effects of Stun damage and Wound penalties.


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