The Amazonian Sarah Brooks

The first superpowered individuals in history were literally treated as gods among men. Their might was so great that normal humans could not believe that they were remotely related to mere mortals. Of these mythic heroes, Hyppolyta the amazon queen played a central role in Anastasia’s creation.

Inexperienced with the deception of men, Hyppolyta greeted the visitor Theseus upon his first voyage to Themiscyra, the isle of the amazons. She was betrayed, and Theseus sailed away with her as a prisoner as soon as she was aboard. Hyppolyta was forced to marry Theseus and bear him twin children. While the male Hippolytus found his place in Greek mythology, the female Anastasia went unknown to many scholars, for she soon proved to be dangerously willful, opposing her oppressive father whenever she was able. Unable to deal with the troublemaking girl, Theseus ultimately released Hyppolyta and Anastasia, bidding them to return to Themiscyra where they could not cause him any trouble.

Unfortunately for the amazons, Theseus’ companion Heracles eventually found the island as part of his ninth labor. He spoke with Hyppolyta and convinced her to give up her legendary magical belt. However, the other amazons feared a trap and attacked Heracles ship when Hyppolyta went aboard. Panicked, Heracles took the belt and threw Hyppolyta overboard, believing her dead as a result. He fled, but one amazon warrior pursued him – Anastasia. Seeking vengeance for her injured mother and the pride of the amazons, she stole the belt back and used its magical powers to defeat Heracles, overpowering the son of Zeus and nearly killing him in single battle. Anastasia returned to Themiscyra and was rewarded by being allowed to keep the belt of Hyppolyta. However, some of the amazons felt that she was corrupted by man’s world. A traitor poisoned her, and the daughter of Hyppolyta seemed dead.

In truth, unknown to the amazons, the magical powers of the belt of Hyppolyta protected Anastasia, leaving her in a coma rather than letting her die. Nonetheless, she was entombed on Themiscyra and remained in her death-like state for over two thousand years. Eventually, an expedition of archaeologists to the island disturbed her tomb and awoke her. Anastasia fled the island and found herself in the modern world. It took her time to adjust to modern times, but she soon managed to secure an identity for herself with which she could hide in the strange world. When not in her guise as a superhero, Anastasia now disguises herself as Anne Stockwell, a glasses-wearing museum curator.

Unlike many of her old brethren, Anastasia does not have a deep distrust of men. She finds them somewhat curious, but she does know her origin and realizes that she is the product of man’s world to begin with. She idealizes her old society, however, and seeks to bring the honor and justice of the amazons to the world she is now in. Although she relies on her mother’s magical belt for much of her power, her thousands of years of contact with the magic have rubbed off, giving her some magical powers of her own, including the ability to understand any language and to read minds. A proud warrior with an uncompromising sense of justice, Anastasia makes a powerful ally and a terrifying foe.

Anastasia (Power Level 10)

Str +5/+12 (20/+34), Dex +1 (12), Con +5/+12 (20/34), Int +0 (10), Wis +1 (12), Cha +1 (12)
Toughness +5/+12 (impervious), Fortitude +5/+12, Reflex +6, Will +8

Skills: Bluff 4 (+5), Notice 8 (+9), Profession (historian) 4 (+5), Search 8 (+8)

Powers: Device 6 (Mystic Belt): Super Strength 6 (max 180 tons; alternate power: Healing 4), Flight 5 (max 1,000mph), Immunity 1 (life support), Quickness 3 (x10 speed), Enhanced Abilities 14 (Strength, Constitution, impervious); Mind Reading 2, Comprehend 4 (speak, understand, and read all languages), Super Senses 3 (magical awareness), Immunity 1 (aging)

Combat: Attack +8, Damage +12, Defense +8, Initiative +1

Math: Abilities 26 + Skills 6 (24 ranks) + Feats 0 + Powers 60 + Combat 32 + Saves 12 = 136 PP


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