Agent Smith versus Doc Brown

Can time travel unravel the Matrix?Agent Smith is an evil program created as a policing agent by a nigh-omnipotent machine that keeps humanity trapped in a VR world. He can’t be outfought, he can’t be out-thought. But can he be…out-crazied? Testing that theory will be Doc Brown from the Back to the Future movies. He teamed up with Marty McFly to defeat Mr. Peabody and Sherman previously. Now he’s on his own against the smug, ruthless machine…but he’s got a time-traveling Delorean and senility on his side.

Round One

Although Doc Brown is plugged into the Matrix, he’s still a threat to the machines thanks to the fact that his time travel is destabilizing to the program. The machines thus send Agent Smith to deal with him before he winds up sending the whole program crashing to the ground. Smith decides to go the direct route, taking over the body of one of the Libyan terrorists who are out to kill Doc Brown and gunning him down, a la the beginning of Back to the Future. Of course, the plan fails because Marty McFly has warned Doc Brown about the Libyans, and thus he’s wearing a bulletproof vest. But Smith saw this coming and waited around in the bushes after the rest of the Libyans departed. While Doc Brown is giving his dramatic exposition to Marty, Smith shoots Marty in the back of the head and then moves in to kill Doc Brown with his bare hands. Round One goes to Agent Smith.

Round Two

Doc Brown rushes to the Delorean and jumps in, revving it up to 88 miles per hour to go to another time – any time but the one he’s in right now. Unfortunately, the Delorean accelerates slower than Agent Smith moves, allowing Smith to block the path of the time machine. He gets in front of the Delorean and grabs hold of it. With Agent Smith clinging to the front fender of a time traveling car, Doc Brown does some quick thinking and sets the course for a World War II battlefield. The stray fire takes out Agent Smith with a random bullet to the head, but also badly damages the Delorean as Doc Brown speeds to safety. Round Two goes to Doc Brown.

Round Three

While Agent Smith takes over the body of the nearest convenient soldier, Doc Brown and his damaged time-traveling Delorean blast away from World War II and become unstuck in time. As he tries desperately to repair the Delorean, he accidentally runs over Billy Pilgrim, Batman, Captain America, and Sam Beckett. He narrowly avoids running into Ronald Regan on March 30, 1981, taking a bullet in the front tire that would have fatally injured the President during his assassination attempt by John Hinckley, Junior. He eventually crashes the Delorean into a humpback whale that was going to be beamed into the future by the crew of the starship Enterprise. Fortunately, Doc Brown survives thanks to front side airbags that he had installed on a trip to the late 1990s shortly after he invented the time machine.

Due to all the mucking about with space-time, it takes Agent Smith a while to track Doc Brown down. By the time he does, the Delorean has made one last jump before giving up the ghost, landing back in 1985 just before Smith showed up in the first place to kill Doc Brown. Smith returns from his sojourn into the past and unfortunately runs into time paradox edition Agent Smith. Their meeting results in an overflow error in the Matrix, which causes both Smiths to explode. They’ll be back at some point after the system undergoes a reboot. In the meantime, Doc Brown scuttles off to repair his busted Delorean. Round Three and the fight somehow go to Doc Brown.

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