Why the Move?

The Screamsheet has existed for over a decade now, bouncing from GeoCities to the University of Vermont’s web server and now heading over to WordPress. The actual move isn’t final yet, and I’m still updating the UVM version of the Screamsheet until I get everything copied over to here.

My main reason for moving over to WordPress is because, while I enjoy making the content for the Screamsheet, it’s pretty much me just shouting into the abyss. While I occasionally get some emails giving some feedback and I’ve put up a few polls regarding site preferences here and there, I’m generally in the dark as to who is reading, what they think, and what they want to see. Moving to a blog format gives several benefits, including but not limited to getting feedback about the site. It allows easy searching of the significant amount of content I’ve generated over a decade, easier access to a lot of the site, and a chance for me to overhaul the Screamsheet’s look and revise some now-outdated content.  Speaking of outdated content, it also allows for easy tracking in terms of the dates that I put this content up. Because I didn’t previously include date stamps, stuff like my gay marriage rant grows more confusing when looked at in modern context – while many of my points still stand today, the rant is over six years old, and it will be nice knowing from here on out when I said these things.

An additional benefit is a bit of consolidation. As this post demonstrates, it’s pretty easy to combine the web site with a blog, which means that I can probably phase out my LiveJournal, which is seeing less and less use anyway these days.

My current plan is to migrate over the old content from the UVM server bit by bit, updating it as appropriate. At the same time, anything that I post over on the UVM site will also be posted here to keep it current. The move isn’t final until I actual have everything copied over, though. Depending on how easy or difficult WordPress is to work with and what kind of feedback I get from folks, I might decide to put any sort of move on hold and stick with UVM until they finally revoke my web space. But so far I like the new look and I think things will be better over here. Let me know what you think, and I’ll take that into consideration.


2 Responses to “Why the Move?”

  1. I don’t think this will work as well as your old UVM site. Granted, this is still early days, and I can see the reasons why you’d want to have comments, feedback and a datemark for the things you’ve done, but I’m not sure the format would work.

    The other Screamsheet has wider page margins, which works better with your larger posts, such as an entire chapter of a novel. Personally, I prefer my internet reading in this style.

    Still, it is your website, so if you prefer the WordPress account, it wouldn’t stop me reading.

    Hope this helps,

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