Contest of Champions

A scene from The Order: Defenders Against the Earth #5.What’s a fights page without a championship to reach for? This section takes winners from either In This Corner or Tag Team Arena and pits them against one another in a contest of champions. The winner goes on to fight another day against another champion (unless I’m out of material for them, in which case a temporary retirement is in order), while the loser disappears until I have another idea that uses them in a fight.

On the rare occasion that a fighter goes completely undefeated both here and elsewhere on the site and manages to rack up an impressive number of victories, they wind up in the Hail to the Kings section, a place for undefeated champions.

amus Aran versus Agent Smith
The Tin Woodman versus Samus Aran
The T-1000 versus the Tin Woodman 2
Teddy Roosevelt versus the T-1000
Teddy Roosevelt versus Conan the Barbarian
Solid Snake versus Teddy Roosevelt
James Bond versus Solid Snake
Bert versus James Bond
Deadpool versus Bert
Vash the Stampede versus Deadpool
Vash the Stampede versus Zechs Merquise
Vash the Stampede versus Tenchi Masaki
Hellboy versus Vash the Stampede
Hellboy versus Conan the Barbarian
David Bowie versus Hellboy
David Bowie versus Vegeta
Sephiroth versus David Bowie
Sephiroth versus Spawn
Sephiroth versus Michael Jackson
Abraham Lincoln versus Chuck Norris
Abraham Lincoln versus Peter Griffin
Abraham Lincoln versus Lex Luthor
Abraham Lincoln versus the Emperor
Abraham Lincoln versus Al Gore
Calvin and Hobbes versus Abraham Lincoln
Calvin and Hobbes versus Indiana Jones
The Tasmanian Devil versus Calvin and Hobbes
The Tasmanian Devil versus Tommy Vercetti
The Tasmanian Devil versus the Oompaloompas
The Incredible Hulk versus Darth Vader
The Incredible Hulk versus Samus Aran
The Incredible Hulk versus King Kong
Gollum versus the Incredible Hulk
Ernie versus Gollum
Bert versus Ernie 2
Godzilla versus the Knights of the Dinner Table 2
Optimus Prime versus Godzilla
Optimus Prime versus Batman and Robin
Optimus Prime versus Triangle Man
Samus Aran versus Optimus Prime
Samus Aran versus Commando Cody
Iron Man versus Samus Aran
Iron Man versus Al Gore
Indiana Jones versus Iron Man
Indiana Jones versus Spawn
Godzilla versus Indiana Jones
Godzilla versus King Kong
The Knights of the Dinner Table versus Godzilla
The Knights of the Dinner Table versus Dr. Evil
Mario versus the Knights of the Dinner Table
Mario versus Mighty Mouse
Mario versus Tommy Versetti
Mario versus the Tazmanian Devil
Solid Snake versus Mario
Max Payne versus Solid Snake 3
Bruce Campbell versus Steve Buscemi
Bruce Campbell versus Doctor Evil
Bruce Campbell versus King Kong
Bruce Campbell versus the Tick
Christopher Walken versus Bruce Campbell
Darth Vader versus Christopher Walken
Darth Vader versus the Emperor
Darth Vader versus Shaft
Darth Vader versus Darph Bobo
Gandalf versus Darth Vader
Gandalf versus Mighty Mouse
The Tick versus Gandalf
The Tick versus Doctor Evil

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