The Shadow Queen

Who knows what evil lurks within this novel? The Shadow Queen knows.Several years ago, I published my first novel, Shadowslayers. The novel sold through two print runs, but the publisher ultimately went out of business, resulting in the tale now being relegated to eBook status. And that’s okay.

While I remain proud of Shadowslayers, I’ve also developed as a writer since its publication. That’s where this novel comes in. The Shadow Queen is a prologue of sorts to Shadowslayers, filling in the background of how Kajeel and Garyl from that novel met. It includes some minor retellings of flashbacks from Shadowslayers, and ultimately provides what I think to be a stronger story.

The Shadow Queen is a tale about fear of oneself and one’s past. On the run from a mysterious witch named Shade, the street urchin Kajeel stumbles into the path of Garyl Shadowslayer, a demon-mage in search of redemption. Unfortunately, power attracts power, and as Kajeel grows closer to Garyl, she winds up in a crossfire between the demon and the witch. Only by overcoming her own fears and uncertainties can she gain control of the situation.

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