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Ryoko - Screamsheet icon, space pirate, secret lover...Welcome to the Screamsheet! This place can best be described as a reflection of my weird and fragmented personality. Here you’ll find rants both childish and mature, fiction both published and unpublished, music, videos, and anything else that might wander across my brain.

21 Faces, Chapter Two: Sympathy for the Devil

Posted in 21 Faces, Fiction, Novels with tags , on October 24, 2014 by Charlie Brooks
Mirror Poetry by tomabw

Mirror Poetry by tomabw

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The autumn wind whipped through the streets with murder on its mind. It seemed to take the fact that I wore a t-shirt and jeans in near-freezing weather personally. As with the pain of the mortician’s needle, though, I found it easy to tune the cold out, turning freezing agony into minor irritation. Paying the angry weather no mind, I trudged down the sidewalk, watching the green rectangular street signs as I passed them in an idle search for Bauer Street. Continue reading

Superhero Makeovers: Superman (revised for 2014)

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It doesn't get much more iconic than Superman flying to the rescue.A physical marvel, a mental wonder, SUPERMAN is destined to reshape the destiny of a world!

It is very unlikely that even Superman’s creators Jerry Siegel and Joel Shuster expected those words from Action Comics #1 to come true. While not the first comic book hero with super powers, Superman is the character who defined what a superhero was. He had incredible powers, a flashy costume, a secret identity, and adventures that got weirder and weirder as time went on.

I originally looked at the major changes in Superman’s fictional life in 2010, but continuity marches on. This post includes my original observations with a new addition courtesy of the New 52 reboot in 2011.
Continue reading

The Hierarchy of Fandom and Why it’s Bullshit

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The Batman logoWhile reading through an article on Cracked.com (which, though it shames me to admit it, is a thing I do once in a while), I came across this tidbit that implored people to shut up about Batman:

You are not a fan of Batman. Very few people truly are. Understand, that’s not a knock against Batman. It’s a knock against you for being angry at me for having the audacity to question your love of Batman when you’ve “seen, like, all of the movies.” OK, well, so have I, but that’s just because I’m a fan of movies. That doesn’t make me some kind of Batman historian by any stretch of the imagination, though. Until you can list the names of comic book writers and illustrators I won’t recognize and don’t give a shit about anyway, I have every reason to doubt the authenticity of your claims to Batman super-fandom.

This is, quite honestly, bullshit. I’m not going to blame the writer for it, though. The guy’s writing for Cracked.com, and it’s foolish to take anything presented there as anything more than an amusing diversion.

My problem is not with this particular article. My problem is that many nerds tend to present that same point of view, and not as a joke for a list-based comedy website. There’s a large portion of nerd culture that seems to think you need to pass some sort of test in order to be considered a fan of something, and that attitude is asinine. Continue reading

21 Faces, Chapter One: Wake Up Dead

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Toe TagThe hollow feeling inside me came from the fact that I didn’t have a liver. In fact, somebody had removed most of my vital organs. Continue reading

RPG Rants: Evolution of the D&D Halfling

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A halfling from AD&D 2nd editionDungeons & Dragons has almost always been in a precarious spot when it comes to the balance between being a generic fantasy adventure game and possessing valuable intellectual property of its own. There are plenty of hits out there, such as the beholder and mind flayer which were deemed so valuable to D&D that they weren’t made open content with the rest of 3rd edition. There are also plenty of misses out there, such as the acid-farting flumph which has been largely ignored before suddenly (and arguably inexplicably) being included in the core Monster Manual for 5th edition. But there’s one race that has neither been a resounding success nor a colossal failure, instead doomed to get reinvented every few years as designers try to find a marketable niche for them. That is, of course, the D&D halfling.

Okay…also the gnome. But fuck gnomes. Continue reading

Comic Rants: Old Wonder Woman versus New Wonder Woman

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Wonder WomanReboots are tricky things. Oftentimes, they rehash stories that have already been told, aiming for a new audience. Of course, capturing a new audience often means disenfranchising the old one. For fans who are effectively being fired from their favorite franchises, that can be a tough pill to swallow.

Maybe that’s why DC went in halvsies when they did the New 52, with some stories remaining in continuity so as not to upset existing fans while others got tossed out to make way for something new. The success of this is debatable – I personally think it’s a tangled mess, but at least it gave me some good Wonder Woman stories.

Wonder Woman has gone through two of these universal reboots now, and both have been great. But I wouldn’t be a nitpicky comics fan if I just revelled in the good times. No, there must be comparisons. Which Wonder Woman reboot is better? We must know. Continue reading

Comic Rants: Four Books from the New 52 That I Actually Like

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Jonah Hex is my kind of hero.I’ve given DC Comics’ New 52 a bit of grief since it came out, and I’ve been fairly outspoken about the fact that there is a huge lack of variety coming from both DC and Marvel these days. However, like almost everything else, the New 52 has some good spots as well. I mean, why else would I care about the quality coming from that company anyway? If it were complete garbage, I could just ignore it entirely.

With that in mind, here are my thoughts on what’s been good about the New 52 now that we’re three years in. Continue reading


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